Mackwoods Tea Factory

Mackwoods Labookellie tea factory is the first tea factory in Sri Lanka which was awarded ISO-9001 certification. It was established in 1841 by British Ship’s Captain William Mackwood who was it’s first Chairman as well.

01 Mackwoods Tea Factory It survived many wars especially World War I and II, kept progressing and now it has over 10,000 employees working on 27,000 acres of tea and rubber plantations. Mackwoods factory is visited by around 1000 international and local travellers on average per week and they give a factory demonstration to everyone on different processes of tea manufacturing. They showed us different sections there and explained how everything works. It was an informative and completely new experience. I never knew about different shades of tea before, they explained what terms like BOP and BOPF meant and how one shade was different from other.  11 Mackwoods Tea Factory

15 Mackwoods Tea Factory 18 Mackwoods Tea Factory

43 Mackwoods Tea Factory

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