Reaching Langkawi

Some good stamina and three flights (ISB-BKK-KUL-LGK) were all we needed to reach our destination, Langkawi. Two of those flights were Thai Air. Everyone had praised the airline’s services and comfort levels but this was our first experience with them. During a 4-hr flight from Islamabad to Bangkok we understood why people speak too highly of them. Cordial reception, food and behaviour of staff… everything was nice. The movie (The Air Bender), however, was not so good (or at least I didn’t like it). There were ten music channels out of which 7 or 8 were in Thai language.

“WOW!” was our reaction upon landing at Bangkok Airport. It was dawn by that time. We were not supposed to get into Bangkok at this point so we had to wait for Thai Air’s next flight to Kuala Lumpur, which meant we had to spend three-hours at the airport. We initially thought it was too much of wait, but when you are at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, three hours feel so less.

We had to wait at the terminal for some time before we entered the boarding lounge and got into the plane. The plane was about 15mins late. By the time we entered the plane it was 845hrs in the morning and we were sleepy already. Still two more flights to take before we reach Langkawi.

Bangkok Airport

We landed at Kuala Lumpur Airport at about 930hrs. Our next flight (Air Asia) to Langkawi was scheduled after 4 hrs which meant we had to spend all that time at the Airport.

Air Asia flies from LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). We were told to take a bus to that terminal and it took us 25mins to reach LCCT. This terminal was very rushy. Just when we thought we’ll get lost in the ocean of people we saw McDonald’s. I was already feeling hungry so it was a blessing.

McDonalds at KUL

By the time the plane was ready and announcement was made it started raining. We read about rapid-changing weathers of Malaysia and Thailand but this was our first such experience. We had to walk from the boarding hall to the plane for about 100 meters.

AirAsia at KUL

In the plane they did not serve any free drinks or snacks, in fact, they were selling them at three-times the normal ground price, just like we’ve seen in trains. Ours was not a long flight so we did not buy anything else to eat. In an hour we were at Langkawi Airport.

Langkawi Airport

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