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Kyrgyzstan is a small landlocked Central Asian country North of Tajikistan. It borders with China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan as well as Kazakhstan. Its capital Bishlek is just around 240kms from Almaty.

Kyrgyzstan has just taken a major step towards easing their visa services. eVisa services will start operating from 1st September 2017. They have launched this eVisa service for all countries (except Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) where they shall be issuing eVisas to applicants online within 3 working days after paying the Visa fee using credit card. This means that no invitation would be required for Pakistani nationals anymore.

The Website:

You can apply for eVisa through following website:

Visa Types:

Tourist as well as Business Visas can be applied using their website. Tourist Visas can be for 30 or 90 days. The 30-day tourist visa can be single or double entry. Similarly, business visas can be of 30 or 90 days duration where you can apply for either single or multiple entry one for both durations.

Visa Fee:

The approximate costs of different types of Visas in USD are:

Tourist (TS) Visa:

Single Entry – 30 days: $41.20

Single Entry – 90 days: $51.50

Double Entry – 30 days: $66.95

Business (B) Visa:

Single Entry – 30 days: $61.80

Single Entry – 90 days: $72.10

Multiple Entry – 30 days: $72.10

Multiple Entry – 90 days: $92.70

So what’s the catch?

The eVisa website says:

Presently you can use your e-visa only if travelling via “Manas” International Airport, “Osh” International airport and “Ak-jol” checkpoint on the Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border.

which means that you can only cross the land border into or out of Kazakhstan OR by air through airports in Bishlek and Osh. You cannot travel overland to/from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or China.

How to get into the country?

FlyDubai is by far the cheapest option with one-stop flights from Karachi (KHI) to Bishlek (FRU) for around Rs. 50k. I could not find any flights from other cities for under Rs. 110k. Taking local flight to Karachi and then flying from there is currently the cheapest option as it can cost you around Rs. 70k.

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