The Notorious ISB Airport

Islamabad is a beautiful city, perhaps the most beautiful in Pakistan but its small airport is famous for all the wrong reasons. It is called Benazir Bhutto “International” Airport but it is too tiny for an international airport. It is one of such airports where you tend to get tired too quickly even before your journey is started, especially when more than two outgoing flights overlap. For this very reason they always tell you to be at airport 3 hours prior to scheduled departure.



The start of our journey was also hectic due to severe security checks at the entrance. The queue was long and time-wasting. When we finally managed to get through those security checks, another queue at check-in was waiting for us and this was not it. Immigration queue was also long because three flights were due to depart within an hour or so and they only had two counters. After the immigration stamped our passports, there was another security check.

Finally, when we managed to get into the boarding lounge, it was full and congested. A final queue saw us into the plane as flight was on time.

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