A Tour to Koh Phi Phi & Snorkelling


Phuket is an island province in south-east of Thailand. The city of Phuket covers the whole island and is capital of Phuket, the province. The city is full of clubs and party places. However, we were here to explore the nature.


Our hotel, Patong Resort Hotel was in Patong area and it was near the beach. Tours can be bought from many tourist attraction points in the city and you can find brochures and phone numbers of such companies from hotel itself. We booked the Phi Phi Island tour along with snorkelling for the morning.

Patong Resort Hotel

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Phi Phi Island:

Phi Phi Island (or Koh Phi Phi) is famous for shooting of Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”. It was a cruise full of people going for this tour. There were some instructions by guide on mic in English but more of a Chinese accent, before the tour started. We could not get any place to sit on cruise indoors and had to settle down under hot sun on top of it. We experienced strange and dramatic changes in weather during the course of this trip. It was sweatingly-hot and sunny when trip started and stayed like that during our two hour journey towards Phi Phi, but on our way back within a matter of minutes clouds covered the sky and it rained. It rained and rained quite heavily till we reach Phuket.

Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Island Tour


The snorkelling place was near Koh Phi Phi. We did snorkelling for about an hour. It was fun.

Phi Phi Island Tour

A common mistake:

We made a mistake by choosing cruise to visit Phi Phi Island which of course we could not have known beforehand unless someone had told us. The cruise does not take you to original Phi Phi Island famous for “The Beach”. Instead it stood nearby and we could only see the beach from a distance. Therefore, ALWAYS choose a speedy boat for your trip to Phi Phi Island. A speedy boat can take you to the Island where you can enjoy the beautiful beach.

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