Mlesna Tea Castle

There is another proper way to go from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya directly but because we had to visit The Birdge on River Kwai’s location we took this road. Although the road becomes bumpy and is broken at different places but those tea estates we saw on our way were treat to eyes and I would take the same road if ever given a choice.

Mlesna Tea Castle - Whole Castle

Another pleasant surprise was waiting for us in St. Clair – Mlesna Tea Castle.

Mlesna Tea Castle - Solid Walls

Mlesna word is Anselm spelled backwards. Anselm Perera is the founder and owner of this huge plantation. The castle is his unique way of attracting the visitors and showcasing dozens of tea kinds.

Mlesna Tea Castle - James Taylor the Founder

At the entrance there’s a statue of James Taylor, a tribute to “Father of Ceylon Tea”. James Taylor was a Scotsman who played a significant role in development of Ceylon tea. He experimented with tea cultivation and leaf manipulation in order to obtain the best possible flavor from the tea leaves.

Mlesna Tea Castle - Tea Shop

There is a tea shop which contains around 100 different flavors of tea. We bought some as our driver told us that this is the best tea in Sri Lanka. We also tasted tea in the cafe made for visitors.

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