When it Rains in Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful scenic city but this beauty gets multiplied when it rains, and if that rain comes down pouring in the morning, the scent of wind is perplexing and charm of lush green trees on this Island paradise is refreshing.

Langkawi City

Our tour of Langkawi was coming to an end. We were relishing every bit of that feeling of being there at that moment of time. We were surely going to miss this place…

Langkawi City

Langkawi City

There was no rain in last three days so our tours went as planned. Today it started raining early morning; we had to catch the Ferry to Penang from Jetty Point. Driver picked us up early in the morning. This rain today was timely, we needed it, otherwise we wouldn’t have explored the real beauty of this island. Langkawi gets hotter (not in literal sense) in rain… We were amazed by this weather, dark clouds had covered the whole city as if they were protecting it and we knew we had experienced something new which will stay in our memories for a long time.

It was a 15 minutes drive to Jetty point, where we checked in to get to our ferry.

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